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Zachary McNaughton, Host

My name is Zachary McNaughton and as the intro to the show suggests - I am not a professional angler. Most of my success fishing has come purely from the number of hours I have put in on the water...  In the past few years, my wife and I have started a little family and the time I have available to spend on the water as become less and less. As such, I started going on charters, watching videos, reading articles and absorbing everything I possibly could that would help me to become just a little bit more productive with the time I have on the water.  A few years ago I became a Let's Go Fishing instructor for Vermont Fish and Wildlife in order to help pass on this great sport to the next generation. It was also around this time that I joined a B.A.S.S. club and quickly realized that there is still so much more to learn about fishing than I have in my skillset. Every-time time I learn a new fishing technique I immediately go out and share it with my friends and think to myself, we can't be the only ones who don't already know how to do this... As such, I conceptualized this show as a way to continue learning new fishing techniques from fellow Vermonters simultaneously teaching those techniques to anyone who is interested in learning them.

I pitched the idea to Shawn Good at the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife and through his encouragement, I finally decided to hit record and just get started. I pre-filmed the entire first season in 2018 and released them in 2019 so that they could be viewed BEFORE the prime window of fishing for each species/technique opened so that viewers could make the most out of the information being presented. The show is completely self-funded at this point and as such, there is no crew - everything is produced by me and an occasional volunteer or fellow angler. In order to sustain the show the next steps will be finding a way to cover the costs of production and that's where you come in! Please check out our Sponsors Page to get involved in carrying this project forward. Thank you! 

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